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UNITZXCHANGE makes unique assets look and act act like mutual funds so they can be included in 401(k) and other retirement plans. 

Creating customized investment options with unitized managed accounts are rapidly becoming the optimal choice for many sponsors of 401(k) retirement plans.  Flexibility of design, control of expenses and an expanded choice of proven investment performers are the leading reason for the increasing demand for these alternative investment options.  Custom investment options including managed portfolios, funds of funds, life style funds, ETFs and asset allocated funds provide new and exciting benefits for plan participants.  Offering these choices is efficiently done through UNITZXCHANGE.   



Unitized Fund Options

  • Company stock funds
    The UNITZXCHANGE system can unitize company stock either with a liquidity fund or in a manner that keeps unit prices in sync with the underlying stock prices.
  • Managed Portfolios
    A managed portfolio unitization solution allows investment advisors, model managers, and recordkeepers to more efficiently provide customized model portfolios to retirement plan sponsors and participants.

    Types of managed portfolios include:
    -Individual Securities
    -Fund of Funds





is to provide innovative, secure, highly reliable unitization services to the retirement and financial services industry. Our services allow plan sponsors, endowment funds and investment advisors to expand their strategic investment initiatives by providing these entities the ability to utilize investment managers and solutions previously available only to defined benefit pensions or other large pools of tax exempt funds.


We assist plan sponsors in providing alternative investments to the normal mutual fund products by offering customized investment choices, while at the same time controlling expense ratios.