Benefits and Features


• Use higher performing investment managers
• Control expense loading
• Offer unique investment products
• Use same managers as pension plans
• Create more employee satisfaction
• Ability to combine or interchange managers
• Create custom multiple manager funds
• Participant same day exchanges among the plan's investment options



• The NAV Price consists of the securities' market value combined with the fund's cash    value
• NAV includes daily accruals and expenses
• Unit Values are calculated daily
• Participants see account values as with mutual funds
• Dividends from securities are accrued and reflected in the unit price
• Investment Managers execute transactions without effecting unit trading
• Daily NAV calculations and reports
• Daily fund valuations and reports
• Interface with most recordkeeping systems
• Interface with mutual fund trading platforms
• Quality control with daily valuations checks
• Daily target liquidity monitoring
• Cash flow calculations and reporting
• Unit trading activity reports
• Use on large or small accounts
• Controlled user access
• Auditor reports