Fund Options

Managed Portfolios: ETFs

Electronically Traded Funds (ETFs) have gown in popularity in recent years because of the flexibility they offer investment advisors in creating and delivering new investment management products, offering a number of specific advantages:

• ETFs offer low expense ratio investments and extensive diversification
• Net investment performance is very competitive
• Transparent Fund expenses
• Trade and settle like common stocks

UNITZXCHANGE offers an ETF unitization solution for investment advisors and recordkeepers to integrate ETFs into 401(k) plans, essentially making ETFs act like 401(k) eligible mutual funds.

• Trading and settlement can be similar to open end mutual funds
• Provide the ability for unitized funds of one or more ETFs
• Unitized ETFs can trade and settle in same trading platform as mutual    funds
• Avoid Collective Trust Fund expenses
• Unitization Fees are very competitive
• Expenses and fees are controlled at the plan or fund level

UNITZXCHANGE's managed ETF solution is also efficient, fitting seamlessly into normal operational requirements.

• NAV price files, confirm files and position files sent by FTP daily
• Simplified fee and expense disclosure
• Online user access to NAV calculation and other reports
• Single brokerage for all plan ETFs
• Normal daily settlement for net buy or sell trades
• UNITZXCHANGE automates communication of required trades
• UNITZXCHANGE automates cash transfer requests