Fund Options

Managed Portfolios: Fund of Funds

Many recordkeepers use their recordkeeping system to create models of the mutual funds offered in the daily 401(k) plan.  However, this service creates significant trading and reconciliation activities. UNITZXCHANGE can be used to create more efficient methods of offering these funds of funds models.

 This solution offers:

  • Reduced trading activity on recordkeeping system

  • Facilitates trading of underlying mutual funds in unitized fund of funds

  • Eliminate excessive trading for corrections and dividends

  • Simplifies reconciliation for fund trading

  • Allows investment mangers to change and rebalance funds in the models

  • Allows combination of unitized funds into life style or other multiple manager

  • Trading of managed fund units instead of underlying fund shares

  • Reconciles dividend rates and payouts efficiently

The UNITZXCHANGE Fund of Funds Solution provides the fund manager or investment advisor with a number of operational advantages:

  • Any number of funds may be included in a Fund of Funds portfolio

  • Units are traded daily with other mutual fund investments

  • Creates mutual fund trade file for same fund trading platform

  • Confirm price and files are transmitted in same manner as underlying mutual

In Addition the system provides:

  • Ability to change percentages of funds in unitized fund

  • Reconciles dividends received with dividend accruals

  • Provides automated rebalancing

  • Combines rebalancing, dividends and daily trades into one trade file